Blossom this Spring with our Forget-Me-Not collection

As a nod to our beautiful new collection we are celebrating the very best of Spring with our interpretation of the Forget-Me-Not blossom and the 5 joys of spring it represents.

Spring is…blossoming flowers

Since the early 15th century, forget-me-nots have been worn as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love. In the Victorian ‘Language of Flowers’ it is the blossom that represents true love. These beautiful yellow gold pieces are set with sparkling blue topaz, symbolising blossoming romance, love and affection. A stunning Springtime addition to any outfit and occasion.

A time to prosper

If you’re feeling fortunate or successful this Spring, this stunning Royal Clogau Tree of Life Diamond eternity ring brings together the purity of white gold with the raw, eye-catching appeal of rose gold.

Totalling 1.88ct, including 8 magnificent 5pt diamonds set in 18ct white and rose gold, this ring captures the essence of Royal Clogau, having been expertly handcrafted and looking both stylish and sophisticated.

Natural flourishes

The Butterfly pendant represents freedom, fun and natural beauty. Just like a butterfly, we are all unique and beautiful in our own way.

Providing a statement piece of jewellery that can be worn during both formal and informal occasions, the silver Butterfly pendant contains a touch of rare Welsh gold and is accented with sparkling topaz and peridots.

The season of hope

Intricately handcrafted, the Key Notes pendant features an elegant Tree of Life filigree design, representing life’s most beautiful and natural formations.

The sterling silver and 9ct rose gold Key Notes pendant can be opened up to reveal a hidden space in which a special message denoting love, hope and happiness can be stored.

With endless possibilities, the Key Notes pendant can be used to hold a proposal, birthday wishes or a memorable date, which can then be treasured forever.

A time to thrive

As ancient as the landscape itself, the presence of the Welsh breeze – or Awelon in Welsh, is revealed by the delicate motion of one of its ancient wooded ancestors, the trees.

The silver and rose gold Awelon ring is set with a sparkling peridot stone, inspired by the leaves of the trees.


Happiness is…

Last week saw people all over the world celebrate International Happiness Day, which got us thinking about what happiness is for us. So we thought we would share a few things in the hope that they will also make you smile and add a spring to your step.

Forget-Me-Not Pendant

Forget-Me-Not Pendant

Happiness is…our brand new Forget-Me-Not collection. The contrast in colours and textures make for a gorgeous, striking collection. Since the early 15th century, forget-me-nots have been worn as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love. In the Victorian ‘Language of Flowers’ it is the blossom that represents true love. These beautiful yellow gold pieces are set with sparkling blue topaz, symbolising love and affection.

Happiness is…our Mother’s Day displays at our Cardiff store. The billowing trees and blossoming rose graphics really accentuate the femininity and evolutionary values of our unique jewellery. The displays also incorporate some of our and our customers’ favourite items such as the Fairy locket, the Dwynwen pendant, Kensington ring, and beautiful Childhood charms.

Happiness is…celebrating Mother’s Day. For the last couple of weeks we have been sharing some great gift ideas that you will love to give and your mum will love to receive. Whether you’re a mum, mum-to-be, step-mum or mother-in-law or simply love your mum-in-a-million, every mother deserves to be spoilt on Mother’s Day with a gift that shows her how much she is loved and appreciated. And it makes us extremely happy to be a part of that celebration!

Happiness is…the beginning of spring, the start of a new season, the blossoming of new buds, and new life evolving. Rooted in the heart of Wales we are surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and are spoiled with incredible scenes right at our doorstep, so we would like to share them with you! We have recently started posting photos on our Instagram account which is our story in photos. So if you would like to see some different photos of our jewellery, events and indeed stunning pictures of our welsh landscape then head over and have a look –






There’s nothing above a mother’s love…

For mums with a heart of gold

Whether you’re a mum, mum-to-be, step-mum or mother-in-law or simply love your mum-in-a-million, every mother deserves to be spoilt on Mother’s Day with a gift that shows her how much she is loved and appreciated. Go on, you know she deserves it!

For mum’s with a heart of gold

What can we say that you don’t already know – your mum is obviously a mum-in-a-million and what better way to acknowledge this than with one of our beautiful gold heart pendants. You know her best so we’ll leave the choice to you. Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking…

One of our most popular pendants of all, the Fairy locket; inspired by ancient tales of Welsh fairies, this 9ct yellow and rose gold Fairy locket is one of the most intricate and beautiful pieces we’ve ever created.

For mums who are a true romantic at heart, our Dwynwen pendant is perfect. Dwynwen is the Welsh patron saint of Friendship and Love. Three wishes, granted to Dwynwen by an Angel who visited her in a dream, are represented by the three points in this beautiful collection. The first wish restored her love, in the second, she asked God to meet the hopes and dreams of true lovers. The third wish was to devote the rest of her life in thanks for all she had been granted. The Angel also gave Dwynwen a potion to forget past hurt, symbolised by the shimmering opal at the centre of this beautifully handcrafted pendant.

Or perhaps for mums who really are at one with nature and appreciate its power and continuity, our Tree of Life cross pendant will make her smile. Our distinctive Tree of Life collection symbolises the evolution of nature, which Charles Darwin expressed as a metaphor he termed the Tree of Life. Here, a combination of berries, leaves and vines represent new life forms that intertwine and evolve from the old, creating ever more beautiful natural shapes.

We hope we have given you some useful Mother’s Day gift ideas. Head over to our website to see more of our unique jewellery that will truly make your mum smile this year!

There’s always a reason to Dathlu!

The most precious moments in life are made all the more meaningful when celebrated with a toast wishing love, luck and happiness. Life is a celebration and each celebration has its own significance – whether it’s a wedding, birthday, a special recognition of a loved one or to mark a magical moment shared.

From the Welsh meaning ‘to celebrate’ our brand new Dathlu collection is the perfect way to celebrate and commemorate every special occasion.

The design of the Dathlu collection is inspired by the bubbles of the popular celebratory tipple, champagne.

Dathlu pendant

Dathlu pendant

The bubbly, light-colored wine has historically been associated with luxury and the parties of the royal courts and aristocracy of Europe prior to 1789, where the expensive drink was viewed as a status symbol. And these stunning sterling silver and gold pieces set with glowing champagne quartz are most certainly a luxurious way to celebrate!

So just in case the Valentine’s Day and St David’s Day activities have taken up much of your attention, Mother’s Day will soon be upon us!

On the 30th March we will all be celebrating the wonder that our mothers are, and all they do for us so what better way than to show them our sincere gratitude than with one of our beautiful pieces of unique jewellery from the Dathlu collection.

Within the collection there is a pendant, bangle, ring, a set of earrings and a Milestones charm – a gift perfect for any mum, on any budget!

Take a look at our website for more Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Jewellery to add a Spring to your step…

At the beginning of February we very proudly launched 82 new pieces of unique jewellery into our Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

The 82 new items consist of 32 new pendants, 22 new rings, and 14 new pairs of earrings.

Here are some highlights from the new arrivals…

Fairy Pendant

Fairy Pendant

Fairy pendant
Inspired by ancient tales of Welsh fairies, this new locket features a beautiful silver fairy, enclosed within Tree of Life filigree vines.

Set within the 9ct rose gold vines is a touch of rare Welsh gold from Snowdonia. These elegant filigrees protect the fairy from harm in the most beautiful way.

Tree of Life rings
Three new rings within our most iconic and quintessential range, feature rose gold vines with rare Welsh gold, high quality diamonds, the finest 18ct white gold, sterling silver and white topaz.

Love Circles – a new collection
Capture your loved one’s name in a circle, a symbol of love and contentment, by engraving their name on the back of these beautiful diamond set pendants that each carry the beautiful Welsh sentiment, “Am Byth”, meaning forever.

Imperial Rose – made to order
Inspired by the ancient goddesses of love – Aphrodite and Venus – this exquisitely beautiful four-piece collection has been handcrafted from the finest 18ct white and rose gold.

Each piece is encrusted with numerous high quality sparkling diamonds – guaranteed to give the wearer a big “wow” factor.

Crown Princess Earrings

Crown Princess Earrings

Crown Princess – made to order
Expertly handcrafted using beautiful 18ct yellow, white and rose gold, the Crown Princess collection is stylish and sophisticated in equal measure.

Hundreds of high quality diamonds encase intricate filigree designs which proudly adorn several rubies and emeralds. The result is a jaw-droppingly elegant collection.

Head over to our website to have a look at some more of our brand new items!

Thinking of a Valentine’s proposal?

IMG_6023 wedding

The Prince asked the Princess to marry him, giving her a beautiful rose gold and diamond ring. On their wedding day they exchanged their bands, each containing a touch of rare Welsh gold of Royalty and inscribed with the word ‘Cariad’.

The most romantic day of the year is coming up, are you thinking of popping the question?

Engagements are a moment that many people dream about for a lifetime. Where will it happen? When? How? Most of all, the element of surprise.

Perhaps your engagement will take a playful turn, or you may pop the question in your favourite, most romantic setting where no frills are needed.

Although we are completely confident that you have thoroughly thought about the how, where, and the when, there may just be a couple of minor aspects that have skipped your mind….

Seek a Blessing

Traditional though it may sound, asking for the Father’s blessing can be very important to your wife-to-be.

Choosing the Ring

How much you choose to spend on the ring, obviously, is completely at your discretion. However, take note; this is THE most important piece of jewellery in a woman’s life that she will treasure forever, and equally will be the first thing her family and friends will ask to see when they hear the news!

Perhaps you would prefer to choose the ring yourself, or to choose a temporary object, and then you can both choose a ring together later on. If you choose the former, be prepared that she might want to pick out something different from what you have chosen – don’t be offended!

Finding the ring size – seems like a rather daunting prospect doesn’t it, all the sneaking around. Do not fret; you have a few options here. You can go down the sneaky route as we mention and choose a ring from her jewellery box and use our ring sizer app to find out it’s size. Or you could ask a close friend to play detective for the day and find out the size. Alternatively, if the secretive avenue is not your bag, ask for her ring size or ask her for a ring and measure it on our ring sizer app.  Needless to say the latter option is not very subtle!

Does she prefer yellow or white gold? Does she like classic or contemporary? A statement or demure piece? What cut of diamond is her favourite? So. Many. Questions. But don’t panic all questions can be answered by having a quick look in her jewellery box. Be confident, you know this lady better than anyone so have faith in your ability to choose the perfect ring, and what’s more if you have chosen it, this will make the ring all the more beautiful in her eyes.

On a side note, when buying your ring, don’t forget to ask what the returns policy is to check whether/how you can return the ring for an alternative style or size – just in case!

The Proposal

There are so many options these days to make your proposal quirky and different, but we are inclined to suggest taking a step back.

Think about your feelings for your wife/husband to be, think of your relationship and the moments you have shared that have led to this day. You may prefer an intimate proposal just involving the two of you, or an audience of your friends and family. Whatever you decide, honour your relationship and enjoy every second of this beautiful sentiment.

Good Luck!

Am Byth: The forever love story

IMG_5543 Am Byth

Storytelling through beautiful, unique jewellery is at the very heart of Clogau. You will fall in love and celebrate love with these beautiful keepsakes. Each piece is inspired by a wonderful story and touched with rare Welsh gold.

The Clogau fairytale is inspired by ancient tales of romance and love, and filled with chapters that beautifully complement our jewellery collections. Our Am Byth chapter celebrates love, the endless commitment between two people who vow to love eternally and thus marking those feelings and moments with gorgeous pieces of unique jewellery.

On finding his Princess, the Prince knew that beautiful Clogau jewellery would be the most precious gift to give. Yellow and rose gold filigree pieces set with sparkling diamonds. Heart and harp inspired pieces to remind her of his love. Beautiful key pendants that she could keep close to her heart, each containing a note with a secret message. All these were given with love and the words “Cariad am byth”, “My darling forever”.

Am Byth, the welsh translation of ‘forever’, is a signature Clogau collection, set within the larger Am Byth chapter, featuring some of our most exceptional jewellery. Harnessing expert handcraftmanship and breathtaking designs, each piece contains a touch of rare Welsh gold. Am Byth is the perfect way to say ‘forever’.

Am Byth Ring

Am Byth Ring

One of the key items within the Am Byth collection is one of Clogau’s most remarkable pieces of jewellery to-date, the 18ct Am Byth ring. It has been recognised by influential voices in the fashion industry such as ‘Vogue’.

Beautifully depicting the ever-evolving nature of life, rose gold berries and vines represent new life forms that intertwine and evolve from the old, creating ever more beautiful natural shapes.

In-between the Tree of Life filigree, running along the entirety of the ring, is an 18ct yellow gold band set with 30-35 (depending on ring size) brilliant cut diamonds.

Contained within this ring is a touch of rare Welsh gold, giving the Am Byth ring a unique connection to the natural beauty of Wales and creating it into a piece of jewellery to treasure forever.

Another stunning item within the collection is the beautifully elegant Am Byth pendant, the rose gold pendant features a bullet-shaped Tree of Life filigree, representing life’s most beautiful and natural formations. The pendant is adorned with 36 diamonds.

Head over to our website to have a look at more from the Am Byth collection.

It’s your last chance to buy these items before they go out of stock!

So Christmas has been and gone and we are into a brand new year!

This inevitably means that it’s that time of year again when we take a fresh look at our collections and decide which pieces will be discontinued to make room for our new unique jewellery in the Spring.

We thought we’d let you know that we are about to discontinue some items that you may have either bought from us, or shown an interest in, such as items from the Seren collection.

We wanted to give you the opportunity to complete your collection whilst stocks are still available as once they are gone, they won’t be coming back.

From Welsh origin, the word seren is translated into English to mean star. Eight points, originating from early astronomy, universally signifies a sense of balance, harmony and unity that is found among natures creations. And harmony is definitely what we are looking for in January after the frantic festivities Christmas threw our way. However amongst all the dieting and exercising we lose track of time and out of nowhere Valentine’s Day is upon us once again! So if you are one of those people who would appreciate a little helping hand in the gift department, look no further.

An item from our Seren collection is a fabulous gift whether you want to show your love for your partner, celebrate the unity of your relationship with a friend, or congratulate someone on a fantastic achievement and generally let them know how much of a star you think they are.

Available in the Seren collection are, gold and silver earrings and rings, a diamond and rose gold pendant, a yellow and rose gold pendant, a silver and rose gold bracelet, PLUS two beautiful bead charms. Plenty of choice!

The following items will soon be discontinued, so come and have a look



Seren collection

Seren collection


Discontinued stock will remain available from Clogau until 1 February 2014 or until stocks run out. Any remaining discontinued stock will be sent, at some time this year, to our outlets and will then be available there, again, until stocks run out. Some items are already low stock so may not be supplied to our outlets at all. This is ultimately your last chance to purchase discontinued items.

Do you need a few very last minute Christmas gifts?

It’s that frantic time of year again when everyone is dashing around desperately trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. It happens every year, Christmas seems so far away yet within what feels like minutes it has sprung upon us once again and we are quickly running out of time to buy the gifts.

In a bid to try and banish those panics we have grouped together some of our gorgeous items that will help you find the perfect presents on any budget!

First to dazzle us with their beauty are our customer favourites. If you don’t know which Clogau piece to choose? Then take a hint from our other customers and try one of their favourites! Perhaps the sterling silver and rose gold Fairy Locket inspired by ancient tales of Welsh fairies will be the perfect surprise or maybe the Am Byth ring is the only way to say ‘forever’ this Christmas.

Moving on to our vast array of gold and silver bead charms. It is safe to say that with a Clogau bead charm bracelet you’ll never be stuck for gifts again! When you’ve reached a significant milestone in your life, a Clogau bead charm acts as the most perfect reminder of the special event in a most beautiful and personal way. What better than to treat your loved one to a gift this Christmas to mark a special moment you have shared together.

Be wise and give the gift of gold. Make your loved one’s heart burst with joy and excitement this Christmas with a piece of gold Clogau jewellery… and they’ll love the person who bought it too! From simple heart-shaped romantic tokens to lavish diamond encrusted filigree pieces, each item has been carefully and expertly handcrafted with the highest quality gold containing a touch of rare Welsh gold – the gold of Royalty.

For the lady who loves diamonds! The most exquisite pendants we’ve ever created, lavished with diamonds, 18ct gold, platinum and rare Welsh gold. Our gold pendants and necklaces, encrusted with diamonds, contain a warm rose lustre – a unique feature of all Clogau jewellery.

Luxury with a capital L. Is there anything more exciting than seeing the look on your loved one’s face as they open a beautifully packaged Clogau box and find a luxurious Clogau diamond ring inside? At Clogau, we marry stunning diamonds with a variety of contemporary and classic designs in yellow, white and rose gold to create unique jewellery of the highest order.

Finally, for those of you who are on a budget, we haven’t forgotten about you! We have some Beautiful, unique, handcrafted, and affordable pieces of Clogau jewellery all under £100! Perhaps our brand new Am Byth perfume will tick all the boxes with its beautiful ‘forever’ sentiment.

We hope we have provided some useful tips for your Christmas gifts and if you would like to see more of our ideas visit the Clogau gift ideas page.

Why Gold Wedding Rings Are Wedding-Day Winners

Tree of Life Wedding Ring

Tree of Life Wedding Ring

Of all the separate items you must pull together for your wedding, the choosing of wedding rings is one of the most important and far-reaching. Gold wedding rings remain a firm favourite, and for good reason: the history, romance, tradition and lasting quality of gold underpin the sentiments and hopes that form the foundation of most marriages.

Alternative Choices

Not everyone is attracted to traditional yellow gold wedding rings. For those that still want a precious metal but are looking for something a little different, white gold rings perfectly fill the gap. In terms of cost it’s similar to yellow gold, so you can get the silvery look you love without paying the much higher price of platinum. White gold is actually an alloy of yellow gold with other metals such as nickel, palladium, manganese or platinum. It’s then given a plating of rhodium to give it the silvery bright finish we’re all familiar with. Without the rhodium, white gold would appear dull with a grey, brown or even pink tinge. Since some people can develop an allergic reaction to nickel in jewellery, it’s usually not included in modern white gold rings, although it may be present in vintage or antique rings.

Gold Gifts for Wedding Guests

Everyone wants their wedding to be remembered through the years, and for this reason it’s common for the bride and groom to give lasting gifts to guests or other key players in the ceremony, such as bridesmaids, flower girls or the parents of bride and groom.

Gold pendants are an ideal choice. Simple designs appeal to most people and create a lovely surprise for everyone who receives such a gift. Heart-shaped pendants are ideally suited to the wedding theme, and the love heart is a motif that’s acceptable to just about everyone.

We have lots of choices for both wedding rings and gold pendants, so feel free to explore our website and browse our range.