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Celebrate The Platinum Jubilee With Clogau

Celebrate The Platinum Jubilee With Clogau

12 May, 2022


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The Platinum Jubilee is a once in a lifetime celebration. Her Majesty The Queen has reigned for 70 years, making her the longest serving British monarch in history. This is an incredible milestone and while life today is very different to how it was in 1952, Queen Elizabeth’s strength, elegance, and dedication has been an unwavering presence in all of our lives.


Introducing Our Beautiful ‘Queen’s Jubilee Superbloom’ Collection

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Clogau has launched the stunning ‘Queens Jubliee Superbloom’ collection. Inspired by the stunning display of wildflowers that have transformed the moat surrounding the Tower of London into a colourful garden, these pieces truly capture the magic of such a special milestone.

Each piece within this new collection has been carefully crafted from a delightful mix of sterling silver, rose gold, sparkling white topaz, and pearl. Available in blue topaz, aventurine, garnet, and amethyst, this jewellery celebrates the rich colours of the flowers that have been planted to mark the jubilee. Every item contains rare Welsh gold, the same gold that has been worn by members of the British Royal Family for over 100 years.


The Gold of Royalty for Over 100 Years

When Prince Edward was appointed Prince of Wales in 1911, the regalia used (including a coronet, ring, rod, and a sword) was made using Welsh gold. This regalia was re-used when Prince Charles was awarded the title in 1969. The rarity and beauty of Welsh gold make it perfect for celebrating special events, and this same gold is contained within every piece of Clogau.

The rare Welsh gold that lies within every piece of our jewellery is the same gold that has been used in the wedding rings of the British Royal Family since 1923. The tradition started with the wedding ring of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother and the wedding rings of several senior Royal Family members including the Queen, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince William have also been crafted from Welsh gold.


Celebrating Our Heritage

At Clogau we understand the importance of celebrating our history. We are a proud family-owned company and many of our designs are inspired by the beauty of the Welsh countryside that we are lucky enough to be surrounded by.

Every item of Clogau jewellery has been crafted using traditional jewellery-making techniques and is carefully hand-finished to create something that will be treasured forever. Each piece carries a unique Welsh dragon and ‘CG’ mark so you know that it has been lovingly made and will always remain as special as it was the day you received it.


Whatever you have planned to celebrate this truly remarkable milestone, make it extra special with a gorgeous piece of Clogau. Visit our website clogau.co.uk to view our full range of collections, with each one telling its own unique story.


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