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Everyone Has a Gift to Give: Christmas 2021

Everyone Has a Gift to Give: Christmas 2021

29 November, 2021


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It’s fast approaching the time of year that there’s no good reason not to start playing Christmas songs on a loop, put the tree up and watch all of the festive adverts taking over your screen.

So, with that in mind – let’s talk about the Clogau Christmas Advert!

Being a family business where we pride ourselves on our jewellery being heirlooms, it’s no surprise to Clogau fans that our advert, too, has a family feel to it. Created by S3 Advertising, this installment builds upon the story introduced to Clogau fans for the Christmas of 2020. This time, though, the family has a new arrival – baby Cora.

More than this, by continuing our relationship with this on-screen family, we hope to reflect the continuing relationship that you can have with your Clogau pieces – one that sees your favourites passed down the generations.

Not only does our festive feature build on our message that ‘It’s Who You Share It With’, it also introduces a very important message; ‘Everyone Has a Gift to Give.‘ For so many of us, the small things are the ones that make all the difference. Even if it’s just a tiny detail remembered, it can mean more than some of the most extravagant gifts. Because of this, our advert is about more than just jewellery – it’s about the life that they can form a part of, your life.

Ben Horder, Art Director at S3 Advertising, tells us about the message behind the advert. “With the arrival of a new-born on the scene, the sound of crying and teething is unrelenting. All hands are on deck to help share the load – leaving the Clogau family’s young son feeling helpless in his infancy,” he says.

“While our viewers believe Lucca is annoyed due to his new sibling stealing the limelight over the festive period. In reality, he just wants the happiness of Christmas to resume, and for each family members’ smile to return.” And, really, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

One of the features most true to our Welsh brand is the soundtrack of this piece – a Welsh cover of the classic Silent Night, created by the Welsh based music group ‘HMS Morris.’

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our Christmas 2021 TV Advert here, and let us know what you think. We hope you love it as much as we do!



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