Ideas for Unusual Gold Wedding Rings

Ideas for Unusual Gold Wedding Rings

19 July, 2013


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Am Byth Wedding Ring by Clogau
Am Byth Wedding Ring by Clogau

Contemporary Designs

The market is filled with quirky influences at the moment. Even if you naturally go for traditional gold wedding rings, there are plenty of ways to give them a new twist with ideas such as moving-block rings, millegrain effects around the edges and even inter-locking puzzle rings. If you want something more understated, two toned plain bands are also popular and can often be combined with your choice of precious metals.

Technological advances such as laser-engraving has also raised the standards of personalised wedding rings, meaning you can get much more detailed inscriptions of names, dates and symbols on your wedding band.

Antiquated Designs

For those who want a little more old-fashioned romance on their big day, you can get a whole range of pre-medieval gold wedding rings, often taking their cue from the Celtic civilisations of Wales, Ireland and Scotland. There are highly symbolic ideas such as the ‘Tree of Life’, in either pictorial or abstract form, or more simple interwoven patterns and runic details.

In addition, you can also purchase gold rings which have been hammered to reproduce a rough-hewn, antiquated effect, harking back as far as Ancient Rome. Some of these ‘handmade’ rings are also worked with tools such as a grinding wheel to create quite angular finishes which evoke both the old and the new.

Wedding rings inlaid with another metal have been proving popular with both the female and male market for a while now, with gunmetal-toned materials such as tungsten contrasted with brighter silver and white gold. The trend for rose gold pendants and rings in 2013 has produced some stunning effects combining the different tones of rose and white gold. But the latest idea is to have your gold wedding rings set with wood, with common favourites being the dark tones of mahogany and the rustic appeal of oak.

As if all these new takes on the classic wedding band weren’t enough, you can even get rings made from ‘space gold’, for those who want to wear something which has been shot into the atmosphere. However, be prepared to pay a considerable amount for the novelty factor!

 Whether you’re a traditionalist or fancy something a little out of the ordinary, view the selection of Clogau gold wedding rings in the ring section of this site to find out which style suits you.


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