This Month We’re Loving… Past Present Future®

This Month We’re Loving… Past Present Future®

19 October, 2021


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The iconic Clogau Past Present Future® Collection is a bestseller for a reason.

Elegant, timeless and sparkling – this collection is part of our Love Story chapter, representing the omnipresent nature of your love through three stunning white topaz stones.

The first is for your past. Perhaps when you first met, or the cherished moments that you’ve already experienced together.

The second is for the present moment – the way that you love them right now.

And the third is the promise of your love forever, lasting infinitely into the future.

True love is someone who is all three to you; your past, your present, and your future. These pieces both celebrate and commemorate your love in the most romantic of ways.

That’s why we’ve been loving this popular collection this month, any many of you have too. The perfect gift, we can see why the Christmas shoppers are securing their favourites from this collection already! The question is, which is your favourite piece?




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